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Our certified Dot Net developers in the UK have worked on everything from Windows applications to ASP.Net with RESTful MVC web APIs for years. We are proud as an agency to hold a high level of experience, building communication layers and microservices with backend databases like MS-SQL Server, Oracle, MySql, MongoDB, and SQL Lite.

Our Dot Net Development Services


Software Development

Dot NET is an open-source programming framework for mobile, online, gaming, microservices, and IoT programmes.

Web Application Development

Net and ASP.NET are utilised for web application development since they function on several platforms.

eCommerce Web Development

Due to its scalability, .NET is well-suited for even the most ambitious e-commerce ventures.

ASP.NET Core Migration Services

Preserving data during migration aligns the database schema with the EF Core model.

Custom .NET Core Development

Instead of rebuilding, modernise your obsolete ASP.NET or.NET application. Create a .NET app.

Web API Development

Web browsers and servers utilise Web API. Web API is web development.

Enterprise App Development

It’s the process of customising software for enterprise-sized enterprises.

Third Party Integration Services

Third-party API Integration Services help corporate websites and online apps handle procedures efficiently.

Mаіntеnаnсе & Suрроrt Services

Hire our expert Dot Net developers for maintenance and support
Ready to implement dot net development?
.NET is a free, cross-platform, open-source development platform. .NET supports many languages, editors, and libraries for web, mobile, desktop, gaming, IoT, and more.

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Expert Developers

Our ASP.NET developers can handle enterprise/CMS, e-commerce, and web portal development.

SEO friendly websites

Public system platforms like ASP.NET are rising in popularity. Therefore, SEO will become increasingly crucial for ASP.NET developers.

Dot Net Support/Maintenance

Our ASP.NET web development services include bespoke development, consultation, up-gradation, support, and maintenance.

Detailed Testing

C#, F#, and Visual Basic test types may be written for .NET, a multi-language development platform.

Scalable Solutions

Scalability is how many simultaneous queries our API can handle before slowing down.

Free Consultation

Our team has years of experience building scalable, modular, and testable apps. Our staff strives to meet any difficulty.

What is .NET?

Microsoft’s Dot Net is a framework for creating Windows-based software. It consists of ASP.Net, languages like C#, VB.Net, COBOL, Perl, etc., and is comparable to other software development frameworks like Java Platform and Enterprise Edition (J2EE). Modern, scalable, high-performance software development is supported by the.NET system’s tools, libraries, and languages. The.NET framework is actively supported and maintained by its developer community. To put it simply, the.NET platform is a piece of software capable of doing the following:

Code written in.NET must be interpreted before a computer can execute it.
Give tools for productive programme creation. It can find the time or print anything on the screen.
Create a collection of data types that the computer may use to store text, numbers, and dates.


What is ASP.NET?

ASP.NET is a component of Microsoft .Dot NET Framework that may be used to create web applications. ASP.NET is a Web development framework that operates on Microsoft’s IIS web server. It’s a platform for creating online apps, along with the programming paradigm, software infrastructure, and other services needed to work effectively on desktop computers and mobile devices. The HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is what ASP.NET is built on top of. It uses HTTP’s commands and rules to let the browser and server talk to each other and work together.

The Microsoft.Net framework includes ASP.NET. Application Server (ASP.NET) programmes are compiled routines that use the.Net framework’s modular and reusable components or objects. All of the.Net framework’s classes are available to these programmes.

What is HttpHandler?

HttpHandler is ASP.Net’s low-level request and response API. The ASP.NET web application server uses it to process requests that include specific extensions. The ASP.NET web application server uses HTTPHandlers to process requests in a targeted manner according to their extension. A request to an ASP.NET website triggers the execution of one or more HTTPHandlers, which are processes. It is a type that makes use of the System. This interface for the Web.IHttpHandler protocol. To handle HTTP requests, you can use any object that implements the IHttpHandler interface.

It’s a file-extension processor that responds to browser queries based on the files they expect to see. When a browser makes a request, HttpHandler looks at the extension to see if it can handle the request. If it can, it follows a set of rules to respond to the request. Several predefined HTTP handlers are available in the ASP.NET framework. In most cases, you’ll want to use an ASP.NET page handler that can read.aspx files.

What is Garbage Collector in .NET?

The garbage collector’s job is to free up memory occupied by items of code that are no longer being utilised. Every time an object is made, the common language runtime sets aside space to store it. The common language runtime (CLR) of the.NET framework manages memory, including automatically allocating and releasing memory. This is done through a process called garbage collection.

The garbage collector in.NET will try to shrink the size of the memory heap so that it has more room to do its work. The.NET class library’s GC class manages the garbage collector. The optimising engine of the GC is responsible for carrying out the actual collecting, depending on when allocations are being made. Since it is only sometimes possible to reliably trigger a call to the garbage collector, GC operations cannot be reliably predicted. However, the GC class’s overloaded ‘Collect()’ function may be used directly.

Why StepinDigital for Dot Net Development

Look no further than Microsoft’s. NET foundation and environment for the swift creation of desktop and online apps. The.NET Framework is a popular open-source framework utilised in many different types of commercial software today. This is because it serves as the default programming environment for most software development life cycles. Dot NET is ideal for companies that need many types of functionality, such as online services, desktop applications, and cloud-based server support.

When you hire a dot net software developer from StepInDigital, success is just around the corner. It will be helpful in many situations. A.NET web developer may be employed for a variety of reasons; some businesses seek one out to bring their services online, while others want to monitor an existing application’s performance, and still, others seek one out to automate routine tasks so that more pressing concerns, such as financial ones, can be attended to. It speeds up your productivity and reduces your workload and costs.

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If you are still using. NET Framework for your commercial application, the time has come to switch to. NET Core. Hiring our ASP.NET engineers at StepinDigital will assist you in migrating your application.

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