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StepInDigital is a well-known Bing advertisement management business in the UK. Our Bing advertising brains assist companies in boosting their revenues and increasing their online presence to attract more customers. Contact us to get started!

Our Bing Ads Services


Bing Ads Account Set-up

Bing Ads makes it simple to advertise your company, whether new to SEM or coming from AdWords.

Extensions Management

You may add phone numbers and website links to your adverts as ad extensions.

Keyword Research and Planning

The Bing Ads Keyword Planner recommends keywords and ad groups. It displays relative competitiveness, and average monthly search traffic.

Campaign Management

The administration of a Bing marketing campaign includes its preparation, launch, monitoring, and evaluation.

Budget Optimisation

Advertisers establish a budget for an ad campaign and optimise it to favour the best performers.

Bing Ads Scheduling

Ads may be shown, or bids can be adjusted at predetermined periods using a Bing ad schedule.
Ready to implement bing ads?
When you enlist our aid, our Bing advertising specialists will assist you in setting up conversion tracking for your Bing Ads to ensure we capture customers that are really interested in your business!

What is Bing Ads platform?

Microsoft Advertising provides pay-per-click (PPC) advertising on Bing, Yahoo!, and DuckDuckGo (formerly known as Bing Ads, Microsoft adCenter, and MSN adCenter). Bing advertisements function in much the same way as Google Ads. With Microsoft Advertising’s pay-per-click (PPC) platform, you can advertise to a targeted demographic, draw in more visitors, and boost your business’s bottom line.

It’s like Google AdWords but for another search engine. This technology employs AI to improve campaign performance. Microsoft’s Bing has three search engines (Bing, Yahoo, and AOL). Thus, ads placed on any of them will appear on the others. This allows campaigns to reach searchers on all sites owned and run by Bing, Yahoo, and AOL, as well as several partner sites.

What are the benefits of Bing Ads?

In 2014, Bing started to try out social extensions by showing the number of Twitter followers an advertiser had next to the ad. In terms of having an impact on society, this is monumental. Even though Google+ followers can use Google’s social extensions, Google+ is just crickets chirping into the void. Bing Ads are less expensive than Google AdWords. The average cost-per-click with Bing Ads is 33.5 per cent lower. Bing Ads can not only save you money, but they also tend to rank higher because there is less competition.

You are limited to the ad timing, area, network, and language you choose when creating your Google Ads campaign. However, with Bing Ads, you can start a whole new campaign only sometimes your schedule or preferences shift.

Is Bing Advertising worth it?

Despite Bing’s tiny market share, its adverts reach millions of individuals. Whether you’re wondering if Bing advertisements are worth it, depends on your company. A competent Bing advertising management team can help you define your objectives and strategy. Most firms choose this path. Bing’s global market share has been quietly rising for years. Bing advertisements help you contact Americans as most of its users are from the US.

Seeking methods to broaden your marketing efforts and attract new consumers is always a good idea. Even if you merely utilise Bing advertising to complement your other sponsored advertisements, it’s worth investigating. Costs should be considered before using Bing advertisements for your company. When you start using Bing, let it run long enough to compare to your other PPC platforms. That way, you may choose depending on your business’s requirements.


Is Bing ads cheaper than Google?

Bing advertisers face less fierce bidding competition than Google advertisers. Increased ROI is achieved due to the low average cost per click. With fewer visitors, though, comes a higher price per convert. Costs are more significant when using Google, but the company can outshine its rivals and reach a massive audience. Bing Ads provide more traffic to landing pages and websites, but Google dominates.

When comparing Google and Bing, the average conversion rate is 3.75 per cent for Google and 2.94 per cent for Bing. The precise figures might change based on the sector in which your company operates. Google’s stats are still generally better than Bing Ads’.
As conversion rates differ from company to business, it is still challenging to determine which platform is superior. Keyword density, audience makeup, advertising cost, and other factors may also have an impact. Bing Ads has a CPC that is, on average, 70% less than Google Ads.

Which one is better: Google Ads or Bing Ads?

Most small and medium-sized companies overlook Bing Ads, but they should. Bing Ads has a similar auction dynamic to Google Ads, so advertisers benefit from less competition with better ad placements and lower CPCs. For our clients who advertised on both Google and Bing as part of our broad marketing services, search CPCs were on average 33.5% lower on Bing. Bing advertising was generally better placed and had more excellent CTRs than Google ads, plus they were cheaper.

Bing lets you choose campaign time zones, unlike Google Ads. Bing makes complex ad scheduling methods simpler to handle, especially for global campaigns. Google Ads restricts ad groups to campaign-level network, location, timing, language, and rotation options. However, Bing Ads lets you alter settings for an ad group without creating a new campaign.

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Bing’s cost-per-click is cheaper. With fewer rivals bidding on keywords, you should anticipate lower Bing advertising costs. One company paid 35% less on Bing advertisements compared to Google AdWords.

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