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We have excelled as a leading email marketing firm in the UK. We design email engagement channels to keep customers returning and grow business relationships. We are committed to taking measured, steady, and persistent actions that advance us toward specific, well-defined objectives.

Our Email Marketing Services


Cold/outbound email marketing

Cold emails are unsolicited messages delivered to prospective clients or customers.

Email List Segmentation

Email segmentation means putting people on your email list into smaller groups.

Email Copywriting

Drafting an email to a client to sell them something.

Email Template Coding (Paid version)

Copying and pasting an email template, an HTML file with reusable code modules, is straightforward.

Campaign Strategy Ideation

Idea campaigns are built on the idea that more people contributing ideas is better.

Campaign Implementation and Automation

When a trigger is met, an automated email campaign is sent to a person.

Warm/nurturing re-engagement email

As prospects go through the sales funnel, lead nurturing emails encourage conversion.

Campaign Analysis and Reporting

Your marketing efforts may be analysed in what is called a “campaign analysis.”

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Why is email marketing matters?

Using direct email marketing, you may target customers during peak shopping periods (like Black Friday) and keep in touch with them year-round using techniques like monthly or recurring newsletters.

Email marketing campaigns can now be set to run on autopilot with more efficiency, effectiveness, and automation thanks to improvements in platforms and delivery systems. Advertising has reached the correct audience, becoming more and more pleasant, thanks to the timely nature of communication and the option of sharing data on social networks, both of which have led to a rise in conversions.

How important is email marketing 2023?

Hubspot’s 2022 Marketing Trend Report states that 64 percent of professionals in the field believe that a well-defined email marketing plan is crucial to their success in 2021. With email marketing, you can reach out to potential and current consumers with the same message. The goal is to get them to buy anything right away.

Email marketing methods have expanded to include anything from weekly newsletters to intricate retargeting initiatives. Businesses may boost sales and consumer confidence in this manner. As you’ve already guessed, putting up an effective email marketing plan is no easy task, but the payoffs for your company are substantial.

Email Marketing is Cost Efficient

Email marketing is a cost-effective, time-saving tool for business owners and professionals to communicate with a broad audience. When comparing the cost of a newsletter to more conventional forms of advertising like television and radio, small company owners with limited resources will find that the former is the better option. The main reasons to use email marketing are that it is efficient and inexpensive.

However, a well-profiled and targeted list of subscribers is essential for any plan to succeed. With such a list, you can save time and energy by sending emails to individuals who are not interested in your product or brand. Following this, unique content creation is required to reach the primary target established at the outset of the plan.

Email Marketing Gets Results Fast

Email marketing is a multifaceted endeavour that requires specialised resources and expertise to be carried out effectively. While there is a significant time commitment involved with email marketing, the many tactics available provide results more quickly than many other kinds of marketing, especially when accounting for utilising several platforms.

Due to its adaptability, email marketing should be included among the top marketing methods because of its potential to help companies boost sales and win back the confidence of their consumers. The newsletter might range from generic, institution-wide communication to highly personalised and segmented messages, depending on the database’s quality and the expertise of the person running the campaign.

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Our 6 Step Effective Email Marketing Process


Call to action

The call to action (CTA) is the most important part of a marketing email.

Create Landing Page

Your CTA should connect to a well-designed landing page.

Audience Segmentation

Knowing your audience’s habits helps you craft a message that boosts CTRs.

Great Content

Engaging content is key to interact with your audience

Pick the best day

It’s crucial to send emails at optimal times to get the most exposure.

Clean data

Know your data source, validate and sanitise it, and frequently examine data behaviours.

Our Client's Words

Why Use StepInDigital as your Digital Consultant?


Proven Results

We rank high on SERPs, offer high-quality content, and strategically research off-page SEO to enhance traffic and conversions.

Unique Blend of Skills

Our unique abilities have helped our clients develop and thrive.

Proven Process

Build a powerful internet presence with a renowned UK digital marketing services agency.

Best Practice

Our digital marketing experts use modern, data-driven techniques to grow your company.

Clear Reporting

We track a marketing campaign or attempt to get insights for future decisions.

Clear Transparency

Open and honest digital marketing is the secret to unparalleled consumer loyalty

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What Our Email Marketing Services Include


Email Automation

It helps you reach the right people at the right time with advanced marketing automation.

Contact creation

A subscribed contact is someone who signed up for your email marketing.

Landing Page creation

Single web page where prospective consumers may land after clicking on an email.

Campaign Management

Entails several interconnected tasks, from lead generation to email design and coding to timely release.

Platforms we use

Frequently Asked Questions

For your email marketing campaigns, you may choose from a wide variety of email formats. Email newsletters, transactional emails (which confirm purchases), and behavioural emails are the most common types (triggered by customer actions).

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