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HTML5 Web Development Services

The best HTML5 web development services in the UK can help you create a visually beautiful and user-friendly site. Enjoy the best of CSS3 and jQuery in tandem with our HTML5 language services. We are a leading HTML5 app development company that offers high-quality, cost-effective solutions for building and deploying apps for desktop and mobile platforms using HTML5.

Our HTML5 Website Development Services


PSD to HTML5 Conversion

PSD to HTML conversion is part of building a dynamic website.

Progressive Web Apps Development

PWA development uses best practices to make web apps work like mobile or desktop apps.

Theme Development Services

These developers specialise in making unique templates for websites.

HTML5 Web Tool Integration

HTML5 works with all CMSs. HTML5 with CSS3 enhances any CMS.

HTML5 Website Development

HTML5 is a markup language for web content structure and presentation.

Hybrid Apps Development

Hybrid apps are web-based native mobile apps that encapsulate online information in a native “shell.”

HTML5 Plugin Development

HTML5 delivers multimedia content quickly and natively in all major browsers without a plugin.

HTML5 Website Design Services

HTML5 offers more designing and presentation features across media types to help developers build ideal websites and online apps.

HTML5 Web Maintenance & Support

HTML5 allows us to build affordable websites and mobile apps for numerous businesses. Choose our HTML5 services.
Ready to implement HTML5 website development?
As a leading HTML5 web development firm, we’ll make your project a reality. Hire our HTML5 developers to build robust, interactive, scalable and user-friendly apps.

Hire Our Expert HTML5 Developer


Expert Developers

Choose top-notch, verified HTML5 services from decades-experienced experts.

SEO friendly websites

SEO elements in HTML may greatly increase a website’s exposure in search engines.

HTML5 Support/Maintenance

We provide ongoing website support and maintenance, as well as HTML5 website redesign services.

Detailed Testing

Our expert developers test your HTML% website thoroughly before making it live.

Scalable Solutions

HTML5 can create strong, scalable, efficient, and interactive online solutions and apps.

Free Consultation

Free consultation. Professional HTML5 theme. Drag-and-drop customizable and responsive.

Why use HTML5 for web page development?

Today, websites must be optimised with SEO modules to rank high in search engines like Google. HTML 5’s properties and modules make it easier for web crawlers to search and index your material, improving its search engine rankings. HTML5 technology offers many structural components, semantics, form kinds, new properties, and media elements, making it more straightforward for digital marketers and developers to concentrate on SEO and generate more organic search traffic.

Geolocation lets us effortlessly locate and share our location. We used to look at a client’s IP address, wireless network connection, cell tower, latitude, and longitude to find its position. HTML5 APIs enable client-side devices like phones, IPs, and desktop computers to obtain global location information from JavaScript, making it immediately accessible to your HTML5-compatible browser.

Examine the discrepancies between the HTML standard and browser support.

HTML standards like HTML5 specify requirements that a page must follow to be “valid.” A browser’s interpretation and rendering of such a document are also limited.If it processes valid documents according to the standard, a browser “supports” it. No browser supports all parts of the HTML5 standard (although all main browsers support most of it). Thus the developer must guarantee that the aspect they are using will be supported by all of the browsers on which they want to show their content.

Despite better specifications, developers still need help with cross-browser compatibility. Also, even though HTML5 has specific rules for what makes a document invalid (syntactical mistakes), a false document could include anything, and the rules can’t cover every possibility. Thus, the browser makes several judgments regarding how to handle faulty content.

What is HTML5 Web Storage? To what end do localStorage and sessionStorage serve?

Web pages may save data locally in the browser using HTML5. Previously, cookies were used. However, Web Storage is safer and quicker. The data is only used when requested. Name/value pairs hold data, and a web page can only access its data. Unlike cookies, the storage limit is at least 5MB, and information is never sent to the server. The lifespan and scope of localStorage and sessionStorage vary. LocalStorage data never expires and stays on the user’s computer until a web app or the browser deletes it. The script that saved SessionStorage runs in the top-level window or browser tab. When the window or tab closes, sessionStorage data is removed.

Both modes of storage are scoped to the document origin. Therefore items from various sources cannot be shared. However, sessionStorage is window-specific. If a user has two browser tabs showing documents from the exact origin, the scripts running in one tab cannot read or overwrite the data published by scripts in the other tab, even if both tabs are browsing the same page executing the same scripts.

What are tags and attributes in HTML?

Tags specify an HTML element’s beginning and endpoints. Typically, you’ll see a pair of brackets (one open, one closed) followed by the element’s name. Start and end tags are required to enclose any aspect in most circumstances completely. However, this is only the case with some things. In HTML, tags may be broken down into a few different categories. The first tag is called “start.” The symbol has two right angle brackets and a left angle bracket.

In layman’s terms, an HTML attribute changes an HTML element. Inserting one’s words into the starting tag is a common way to do this. They dictate how the next part acts. All tags consist of two parts. The first is the attribute’s name, while the second is its value. Typically, an equals symbol (=) will be placed between them. To make changes to a specific element, look for the start tag and locate the attributes inside it. The attribute value may be enclosed in double quotations or single quotes. It may not always be required to use quotation marks when certain characters are used. It’s essential to remember that other languages, like XHTML, may have different requirements.

Why StepinDigital for HTML5 Website Development

StepinDigital is the name to trust in the UK for reliable HTML5 development services and for making safe, long-lasting, cross-platform web solutions for businesses in many different industries. We develop cutting-edge, cross-platform, HTML5-based solutions using the most up-to-date technologies and frameworks, including SproutCore, Ember.js, Angular.js, and PhoneGap. We create content management systems (CMS) to organise your data so that we can create a custom front end for your website using HTML5 and CSS3. All devices, from smartphones to desktop computers, can see the same code base because of the responsive nature of HTML5.

Our custom HTML5 apps are developed using a clean and standardised API and modern UI frameworks designed to meet your needs. Find animating, design-effects-using HTML5 developers at StepinDigital to help you create a site that looks great and works well.

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