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Our team performs international search engine optimization (SEO) by utilising their cultural understanding, technological talents, and ability to speak more than one language. We can adjust our tactics to the ways people search in different nations and areas because our SEO specialists come from all around the world.

Our International SEO Services


Assess Markets

Analyse your highest-converting visitors using Google Analytics or our SEO software.

Target Search Engine

Discover which search engines are prevalent in your target nation or area.

Consider Local Law

How you organise your website may be affected by legal requirements.

URL Structure

Use ccTLDs, subdomains, and subdirectories to build a functional URL structure.

Localise Site

Adjust the language settings so that the site displays correctly in the desired locale

Track Global Performance

Make sure the right nation is being targeted by keeping an eye on SEO data.
Ready to implement international seo?
When embarking on a worldwide growth strategy, partnering with the right International SEO Company with considerable experience in developing organisations abroad is critical.

What is the difference between local SEO and global SEO?

SEO that focuses on a particular geographic region prioritises the rise of specific keywords. Local on page optimisation SEO involves using Google Places, customer reviews, local business listings, and directories to expand your company’s online presence in a specific geographic region. Businesses with physical locations to which they would want to direct customers might benefit significantly from this kind of search engine optimisation. A global SEO strategy aims to improve the search engine rankings for keywords in all regions. Such an effort may use local SEO strategies, but its primary goal is not to penetrate local markets more than it already has. Businesses hoping to attract customers from beyond their immediate region would benefit greatly.

When it comes to online advertising, both global and local SEO initiatives are pretty beneficial. Your website’s goals and the demographics of your target audience will determine the most effective search engine optimisation strategy to use.


Is international SEO worth the effort?

International search engine optimisation (SEO) is a powerful tool that may greatly expand your website’s exposure if it can monetise with an international audience. After all, millions of individuals seek material like yours, but they will only discover it if it is localised for their nation (or translated into their language).

Increasing your website’s organic visibility in foreign markets is what international SEO entails. Increase your customer base and visibility by targeting people in certain nations with this strategy. International search engine optimisation (SEO) is an excellent method to expand your company by exposing your content, goods, and services to a broader worldwide audience. Human translations are essential if you want to succeed in foreign search engine optimisation. See to it that everything on your site, from the menu to the text, is written in the language intended.

How do you optimise a website for International SEO?

If you do one thing well in international SEO, make sure that you are communicating with your consumers in their native tongue. This means you have to learn about the culture and language of your target audience so you can always answer questions in the way they prefer. While translation software can do word-for-word translations, locals rarely do so. Thus, foreigners will soon notice something needs to be fixed. Transcreation, rather than translation, is what you need since you want to keep the same meaning but adapt it to the local culture and language.

If you want your business to grow internationally, you must ensure that your website has high-value content and keywords that work in all regions and countries. It is also important to grow your business in your own country. Consumer engagement, search engine rankings, and global effect may all be improved by tailoring content to regional norms and lingo.


What are hreflang tags and canonical tags?

In the eyes of search engines, hreflang and canonical tags are only indications, not commands, for how the sites should be indexed and ranked. Use hreflang tags to tell users which versions of a website to see based on the language and location of their browsers. Canonical tags are another option for designating a web page’s “official” version. Due to how complicated hreflang and canonical tags are and how many problems can happen when they are used, it may seem risky to use them. On the other hand, available tools make the implementation procedure simple and error-free. Regarding multilingual websites, Weglot does more than merely translate online material accurately.

When trying to provide the best possible experience for your site’s users, automatically adding the proper hreflang tags to your pages may be a huge help.

Do URL structures matter for International sites?

When choosing a URL structure for international growth, you should think about things like your target markets, your budget, and even the availability of country domains. However, there is one essential factor to bear in mind while assessing the available choices. To succeed, you must localise everything. Websites with relevant and written material in the target audience’s native the language will earn the confidence and participation of native users.

Suppose you need more time to get ready to zero in on a certain country but still want to go global. In that case, you may choose a region-specific gTLD (generic top-level domain), such as yourbusiness.eu for the European Union or yourbusiness.lat for Latin America With subdomains, you can reach users who are looking for specific content based on where they are and what language they speak. For example, yourbusiness.eu/fr could bring in people from France, Switzerland, Belgium, and Luxembourg who use French as their main search language.


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International SEO Checklist
Identify the foreign content you provide and the markets/languages it serves.
Create a keyword strategy with relevant phrases for certain markets or languages.
Create a URL structure that is worldwide SEO-friendly.
Create a sitemap.
Choose a target language and country.

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