Know About the Three “Cs” of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) increases a website’s visitorship via unpaid or organic search engine results. Although search engine optimisation (SEO) is a long-term strategy, it has risen in popularity to become one of the most often used kinds of digital marketing. We at Stepin Digital believe that search engine optimisation relies heavily on what is known as the “three Cs”: content, code, and credibility. These three factors—content, context, and communication—are what ultimately determine a website’s popularity.

Below, you’ll find further information for those who are curious know about three “Cs”.

Three “Cs” of Search Engine Optimisation:


content for seo

Content is the most crucial aspect of Search Engine Optimisation. A website must have content rich in relevant keywords to be seen online. Since the spider lacks eyes, it can’t determine whether or not a given website contains visual elements like photos and animations. This is why search engine spiders ignore web pages that use frames. Before leaving a website, it can only index a single frame. The spider has to be able to read HTML language to index a website properly.

This is because everybody can read and comprehend HTML content. We at Stepin Digital advice that stuffing the keywords randomly won’t push your content to the top of the search engine results pages. Using the keyword or phrase you’re trying to rank prominently on the page’s beginning and ending is also a good idea. You should additionally emphasise or hyperlink the term and pack it into the page’s content. Short, to-the-point pieces with attention-grabbing headings are the way to go. You might perhaps use some guest bloggers.


Code for SEO

Most of the source code that helps define a website’s content and style is vast and cumbersome due to the prevalence of database-driven content management systems (CMS) and WYSIWYG editors. Despite their potential usefulness in Web development and maintenance, languages like Javascript present challenges for web crawlers. If you want your site to be appropriately indexed by search engines, it should be built according to generally established Web standards (basically, less is more).

In addition to being spider-friendly, a site that adheres to Web standards will work with most browsers and provide the fastest possible connections, which is excellent for visitors. At Stepin Digital, we strongly advise that you finalise your source code optimisation by checking that every page’s title, META, and ALT tags are optimised for your target keywords. It would help if you used keywords that are also prominent in the page’s main text. Be careful to include relevant keywords in your domain name, mainly if it contains a string of dynamic database parameters in the URL.

Pay close attention to the Title tags. A distinct and concise title for each page on your site is required. Images should include alternative text, and videos should have transcripts. Use header tags instead of just making the text larger. It will help if you optimise your URLs for humans and search engines.


credibility for seo

That’s another thing to think about while planning your site’s layout. Credibility is crucial if you want your content to appear towards the top of search results. To do this, it is essential to get backlinks from authoritative sites within the field. Your site’s reputation will rise if the site linking to it is reputable. When launching a link-building campaign, it’s more important to focus on link quality than quantity.

Credibility may be increased by extending the time you renew your domain name. Create as many high-quality, shareable articles as possible. Open up as many social media accounts as possible and have them all return to your main website. Share your writing on other platforms like Medium to get exposure and potential backlinks.,.org, and (possible).gov sites to notice you and connect to you. Keep your site away from gambling, pornographic material, or games.


After these three “Cs” of SEO are taken care of, you can focus on the next step: conversion. Sales are what keep a firm afloat. Thus, it is imperative that you find ways to create leads and ultimately close them. Always know how well your site is doing with the help of web analytics. Do what has to be done whenever possible. Please share your experience with the SEO process and the modifications you’ve done to acquire more trust with search engines.

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