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A search engine optimisation audit is the first step in creating a realistic, results-driven online exposure plan. In today’s competitive market, customers must be able to find your business. We’re here to help. A well-executed SEO campaign allows you to outperform the competition, communicate with your target audience in the face of identical products from other organisations, and demonstrate your value.

Our SEO Audit Services


Crawlable Site

Check your robots.txt file first. This file is the first stop for web-crawling tools on your site.

Indexable Site

Conducting a crawl is a reliable method for assessing your website’s indexability.

Review Sitemap

It’s impossible to overstate the value of a well-organised sitemap for search engine optimisation.

Mobile Friendly

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test is a free tool that checks your page’s mobile responsiveness and usability.

Page Speed

Page speed affects rankings. Google prioritises speedy, responsive, and user-friendly sites.

Duplicate content review

Check your website’s duplicate material. Duplicate material hurts SEO.
Ready to implement seo audit?
An SEO audit uncovers search performance improvements. It fixes technical, on-page, content, and link difficulties which are stopping your website from ranking and customers discovering you! Contact us for a FREE WEBSITE AUDIT and lets us give you an analysis of how we can improve your website allowing to increase your revenue!

What are SEO audit services?

The first step to building a quantifiable implementation strategy is an SEO audit, which evaluates your website’s compliance with best practices. The audit will try to find as many significant flaws as possible that hurt the performance of an organic search.

SEO audit services should be thorough. It should address structural and content SEO factors. It should show your present status “large picture.” Only necessary or correct suggestions may come from missing elements. Simple audits are best. As a company owner, you should see how SEO difficulties affect your online objectives, goals, and earnings. All advice should support your business goals. Your SEO audit should conclude with concrete suggestions. Each recommendation’s effect and effort should be prioritised for completion. Any SEO audit should provide an easy-to-follow plan.

Are SEO audits worth it?

A professional audit from an agency will free up time for you and your team to concentrate on other activities and save money on hiring and onboarding new staff. You may fix website health concerns or hire an agency if you have a list. A well-optimised website is more likely to rank organically for vital company keywords. As more keywords rank, more searchers will see your website in search results, increasing website traffic.

Professional SEO audits reveal your top rivals’ strategies. Your agency will analyse your rivals’ keywords, blog headlines, website structure, and marketing methods. This information will show what your competitors are doing that your firm is not. You may enhance your marketing approach by learning from your competition.

How long do SEO audits take?

More organisations realise the potential of a well-performing website. Those that feel late to the game want their sites assessed and optimised quickly. Businesses frequently question, “How long does an SEO audit take?” to evaluate whether it’s worth investing in or for curiosity. SEO businesses and freelancers guarantee results in hours to months, which doesn’t help. A dubious audit may be generated in minutes using the software. Even though it seems professional, such an audit must be clarified and corrected.

A manual SEO audit that produces an easy-to-read report that aligns with your company goals takes around a week. An audit should take two days for smaller websites with less than ten pages.

What is the difference between SEO analysis and an SEO audit?

SEO website audits to evaluate your site’s past SEO efforts, while SEO analysis determines how SEO factors affect search rankings. On-page, off-page, technical SEO, content gaps, user experience difficulties, and other variables must be audited for a long-term SEO audit. It finds your site’s underlying flaws that affect performance and ranking. SEO analysis examines all elements to assess your site’s SEO strategy with intriguing data. An SEO audit makes it easier to decide how to boost your site’s SERP rating.

SEO analysis and audits show your website hierarchy, difficulties preventing it from ranking, and solutions to enhance performance. Both aim to evaluate your website’s presence. SEO analysis and audits establish your internet presence and assess your site’s SEO best practises for improvement.

When is the right time to have a SEO audit?

SEO audits should be done regularly to determine baseline data and deficiencies. Client SEO checkups are like spring cleaning. If you don’t, things start to pile up. A comprehensive SEO assessment every six months may be plenty for a small local firm.

For a more extensive eCommerce site with more moving parts and a regular content marketing plan, mistakes are often found and fixed through weekly audits. Technical site audits are arduous. But they’re essential to preventing modest technical problems from derailing your client’s SEO plan. You might also want to do an audit if your website or ranking algorithm changes or if your organic traffic goes down.

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An SEO audit examines how well your website conforms to best practises; it is the first stage in developing a measurable-results implementation strategy. The objective of the audit is to discover as many fundamental faults as possible that impact organic search performance.

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