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Due to its prominence as a global e-commerce platform, Google Shopping should be included in every store’s digital marketing plan. The UK’s finest Google Shopping advertising agency can help you reach your target audience, raise brand recognition, and improve conversions more than ever before.

Our Shopping Campaigns Services


Google Merchant Center Setup

Online companies may manage their listings across all Google ecommerce products in the Google Merchant Center.

Feed Creation

Feeds are files that include data about the goods you want to sell through the Merchant Center.

Shopping Campaign & Ad-Group Management

It promotes your items by providing product details before people click your ad.

Bids Management

This adjusts your bids so that you get as many clicks as feasible within your budget.

Products Ads Scheduling

The technique of restricting campaign visibility to certain times of day and days of the week.

Landing Page Optimisation

The process of enhancing parts of a website in order to boost sales.
Ready to implement shopping campaigns?
People who click on your shopping ad will see a picture of your product with text detailing its features, the store where they can purchase it, and its price. Ads like this are more likely to generate serious leads about buying your goods.

What is Google’s Merchant Center?

To power their Google Shopping Ads, online merchants provide product data to Google Merchant Center (formerly Product Listing Ads). You may also fill out details regarding your online business, transport, and taxes inside the Merchant Center. Using the Google Merchant Center, all of the goods that appear in Google Shopping searches have been submitted. The unpaid, organic product listings that Google just added to the Google Shopping Tab also get data from the Merchant Center.

You may advertise your goods on Google Shopping via your Merchant Center account, which is the main perk of having one. You can keep all the data about your products in one place, which is great for generating and delivering adverts. One of the things you’ll need if you sell to customers directly is Google Merchant Center. It has to be included in your larger digital marketing plan.

Why should you use Google Shopping Ads?

Using Google Shopping advertisements will boost your product’s exposure on Google Search. The advertisements rotate in front of the search results for up to twenty locations. Using Google Shopping Adverts improves your ads’ visibility compared to Search Ads. Once a Google Merchant Account and product feed have been established, Google will automatically generate the advertisements.

An automated process can get the latest product data by connecting to the product stream. Since the product feed is linked directly to your online shop, any changes you make to the goods in your online store will automatically reflect in the product feed. Google Shopping Ads frequently outperform Search Ads for the same items in terms of CTR. If click-through rates (CTRs) are high, the same amount of money spent on advertising could bring in more people. Google Shopping advertisements have a high CTR because they reach consumers ready to purchase at the conclusion of the buying process.

How do smart shopping campaigns simplify campaign management?

Smart Shopping campaigns automate ad production, targeting, bidding, and budgeting. Smart Shopping campaigns help merchants promote their products and services across networks by automating bidding and ad placement. Smart Shopping campaigns automate ad production, targeting, bidding, and budgeting across all networks.

Smart shopping campaigns optimise conversion value (Microsoft Advertising automatically sets bids in real-time to maximise total conversion value within your budget) and automate targeting to maximise revenue with an ability to establish ROAS objectives. Smart shopping campaigns automate bidding and ad delivery depending on user indications to customise shopping. Start a shopping campaign using your product feed, UET tag, and business objectives. After that, you may optimise shopping campaigns by setting budget and targeting settings.

Benefits of Google Shopping Ads

There are a few different ways in which Google Shopping advertising might boost product awareness: First, they ensure that your items appear prominently in Google searches. By having your product appear above organic results on search engine results pages, you may more easily attract the attention of prospective buyers.

Secondly, they provide visuals and fundamentals about the item being sold. Images are more effective than words or phrases in getting a message through.

Advertisements for Google Shopping products may be found in more places than just the main Google search page. Google has constantly increased the channels where Shopping advertisements are presented as a result of its success with both consumers and marketers. There will be more chances for you to connect with prospective customers. In addition to bringing you more qualified clicks, Google Shopping Ads may enrich your audience with rich visuals and additional product details that standard text ads don’t provide. They let consumers examine and contrast several aspects of a product before making a final decision.

What are the KPIs for Google Shopping Ads?

Google Ads’ Return on Ad spending is one of the most crucial marketing KPIs to monitor. How much money was made because of your Google Ads is measured by the Return On Ad Spending (ROAS). Cost-per-acquisition estimates how much you spent on Google Ads and how much you made. Monitoring ROAS is essential for determining how well your Google Ads are working and how much money you make from them. It’s a key performance indicator that helps evaluate the success of a campaign.

Impression share is another key performance indicator to watch. If you’re using Google Ads, this indicator will show you how many impressions you’ve gotten as a proportion of how many you were predicted to get. In Google Ads, the term “eligible impressions” refers to the total amount of possible views. Google provides this number as an estimate, taking into account things like targeting preferences, ad quality, bids, and approval standings.

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Google Shopping, formerly Product Listing Ads, is a Google service. Customers may use it to search for, browse, and compare items.

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