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As a business-to-business (B2B) social media engagement suite, StepinDigital caters to organisations of all sizes by providing tools for social media management, employee advocacy, social listening, social advertising, and thorough reporting. Put another way, we aid B2B companies in expanding their social media presence.

Our Social Media Management Services


Profile Optimization

Make sure your social media accounts have a uniform business description.

Caption Writing

Social media captions communicate your photo’s narrative and increase interaction.

Social Media Scheduling

Scheduling entails pre-planning social media updates and content using a publishing tool.

Hashtags (#) Management

Keeping tabs on the hottest topics trending on social media with the help of hashtags

Competitor Analysis

It involves analysing your competitors on social media to identify brand growth prospects.


It’s the capacity to analyse social media data to inform business choices.
Ready to implement social media management?
You may easily develop a successful social media management plan. Work with our seasoned professionals to develop a strategy that will help your company succeed.

Where should my brand be featured on social media platforms?

Regardless of sector, there is no question that your company should be present on social media. However, the objective of a company’s social media presence may vary from business to business. As a brand, you must determine where your audience is and begin there. Delivering communications to the incorrect audience will result in considerable displeasure for all parties concerned.

Keep in mind that specific channels are B2B-focused, while others are B2C-focused. The selection relies on your product or service and your target demographic.

Following this, the essential minimum consists of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. The first two are intended for B2C updates with a lighter tone, while the third is mainly utilised for HR efforts and B2B interactions. You may extend to Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, YouTube, and other platforms, based on your target audience and desired outcome.

Is paid advertising on social media a good idea?

Social media marketing may be your best choice if you need help increasing brand recognition for your goods or services. It would help if you didn’t depend on this strategy every time you publish an update, but sometimes growing updates might have a significant influence.

End-of-year 2016 research by eMarketer found that 77% of B2C respondents depended on promoted posts, and just 62% of these users thought that sponsored advertisements were successful. 75% of respondents reported using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter for their efforts. In addition, 60% of respondents ranked the efficacy of these three networks as 4 or 5 out of 5.

Less than half of B2B social marketers feel that sponsored advertisements are successful. Make sure the platform you chose is where your desired audience spends the most time to avoid wasting money.

How should social media ROI be measured?

Following the selection of the appropriate platforms and the design of the campaigns, you must establish which indicators will be used to calculate the return on investment. In one of our postings on this subject, we explored the importance of social media reach, traffic, engagement, and conversions for ROI measurement.

Social Media Return on Investment (ROI) = (Return from social media – cost of social media marketing) / cost of social media marketing.

Using the abovementioned technique, you may assess how the outcomes compare to the original objectives. To ensure minimal modifications, it is advisable to examine as many metrics as possible.

Can a social strategy be transferred from one platform to another?

Typically, content decides the sort of technique you must use. Since various social media platforms emphasise different kinds of information, the likelihood of effectively transferring a strategy from one platform to another is low.

There exists both platform-specific content and platform-specific limits. Twitter’s 140-character restriction has been in place for a long time, and the only method to convey more was to include a picture. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are far more lenient in this regard. Even if you want to cross-post material across all three platforms, you must remember that the audiences may vary.

What are the most frequent social media marketing blunders my company should avoid?

It would help if you avoided activities like as spamming, having several profiles on each network, and not communicating with the audience at all. Some of these acts confuse your audience, while others prompt them to unfollow or even report you.

Inconsistency is one of the most common pitfalls to avoid. This might necessitate beginning on one platform and then switching to another. It might also include posting frequent updates and putting some thought into when, where, and how you publish on social media might strengthen your connection with your audience. If nothing else, your audience may discover when to anticipate your updates.

A social media management tool might provide more consistency. In addition, it might help you monitor engagement and other pertinent indicators. Try out Swat.io to see whether it meets your requirements.

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