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Technical SEO is the process of optimising a website such that it is simple to crawl and index. Thanks to thorough, cutting-edge, and open-book technical SEO audits, we can fix bugs in your website’s code, improve the user experience, fix Googlebot crawling and indexing difficulties, and more.

Our Technical SEO Services



SSL encrypts web server-browser connections. SSL sites start with “HTTPS://” instead of “HTTP://.”

Mobile-friendly Site

Ensuring your website is responsive and displays well on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

Site Speed

Minimise ‘HTTP requests’ by using a fast DNS and hosting service.

Fixing duplicate content

Using the canonical link element to inform search engines of your content’s “main” location.

Enabling AMP

Showcasing AMP sites in prominent search results carousels to boost your search ranking.

Structured data markup

Rich snippets, made possible by structured data, improve search engine results.
Ready to implement technical seo?
Technical SEO, involves making sure a website meets the technical standards of the most popular search engines, can help improve organic results.

What is technical SEO and its types?

The main goal of technical SEO is to improve the technical parts of a website so that it ranks higher in search engines. Technical optimisation centres on improving a site’s load time, crawlability, and search-engine readability. On-page optimisation, which includes technical SEO, focuses on enhancing certain parts of your website to raise its search engine ranks. It’s the antithesis of off-page SEO, which focuses on increasing a site’s visibility by means other than its pages.

A site with a robust technical SEO base loads quickly for visitors and is easy for search engine spiders to crawl and index. To make a site appear higher in search results, it’s essential to ensure its technology is solid. It also eliminates clutter brought on by things like content duplication. In addition, it doesn’t lead users or search engines astray with broken links.


What is a technical SEO consultant?

Your website’s user experience will improve with the assistance of a technical SEO specialist or a technical SEO agency. This includes increasing the site’s speed, making it simpler for Google to crawl and index, and unifying the site’s structure for better readability by both robots and humans.

The core focus of technical SEO is improving the website’s functionality for visitors. Web pages are automatically indexed and ranked in search engine results by “crawlers,” like little spiders that skim through (almost) every page on every website. Search engine crawlers gather information about a website. Then that information is processed by a search algorithm to assess how relevant and valuable a webpage is to a user who enters a specific query into the search bar.

How to choose a technical SEO agency?

There are hundreds of SEO service providers in the UK, so competition is high. It’s difficult to determine who to trust since each provides unique services or outcomes. Choosing the right agency or consultant to work with can have significant repercussions. A trusted professional will explain SEO’s many components and show you how to put them together.

To find the SEO agency that will work well with you, you need to be methodical and have a process that helps you make an informed decision about whether or not a prospect is a good fit. This method may assist you in sorting out the “experts” you don’t want to touch your code from the ones who are worth your time and effort.

Does Technical SEO really work?

One of the most looked-up words in the search marketing lexicon is “technical SEO.” The recent decade has seen an explosion in the use of this word. Developers use techniques called “technical SEO” to make websites easier for web crawlers and indexing services to find.

A basic example of technical SEO implementation is the addition of a top navigation bar, which links the site’s most significant pages from every page. Your organic channels may grow faster with the help of technical solutions, making it easier to reach your business goals. Before you start working on your optimisation plan, you should do a thorough technical examination. Doing well with technical SEO may make a huge difference. This is a not-to-be-ignored, high-effort, high-return activity in search engine optimisation.

Is technical SEO difficult to achieve for my website?

It takes time, effort, and perseverance to master technical SEO, but it’s not an impossible challenge. In the beginning, particularly if you are learning SEO on your own, you may feel overwhelmed if you are starting and know nothing about search engines and how they function. In any case, you should keep trying. Here is where taking some lessons is a lifesaver in terms of sanity.

The vast amounts of information you’ll need to read and understand might be a hurdle when first getting started with SEO. It will help if you put in the time and effort to learn how to use vital tools like Google Analytics, SEMRush, and Moz. When you have a firm understanding of SEO fundamentals, it is a good idea to keep up with the rapidly evolving subject by reading blogs and listening to podcasts.

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Technical search engine optimisation (SEO) refers to the processes involved in designing and optimising a website so that search engines can crawl, index, and display it efficiently. Technical SEO is just one component of SEO as a whole.

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